Change Audit & Assurance

The Project Audit is an initial four week period of information gathering and analysis which assesses if an organisation is able to successfully deliver its change objectives. The audit uses a systematic approach to assess at an organisational level if the tools, processes and practices are in place to deliver change objectives, (see Ennovate Tools: IT Project Implementation). At an individual level, the audit identifies whether the appropriate level of personal commitment to change exists to ensure a successful change outcome. Finally the audit informs an action plan to rectify areas of need.

Projects periodically get into trouble and begin to falter. There are numerous reasons why this happens and when it does, there are three common outcomes. First the programme team fail to recognise the occurrence, second they see the problem but they simply cannot see a way past it and believe that by working harder and exhaustively doing the same things, it will right itself. Finally, they see an impending challenge and form a misguided diagnosis that drives the wrong actions leading to further difficulty.

Most projects have a certain rhythm and pattern and frequently, we observe disruptions which if not quickly addressed, risk project success. Our Project Audit and Assurance service brings an external independent perspective. We can quickly get to the root cause of blockages and put in place remedial changes that quickly and sure-footedly bring the change programme back to a successful delivery rhythm and pattern.

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