Change Mobilisation

The challenge for all change programmes as they transition from planning to execution, is the ability to be agile whilst staying true to the mission, thinking strategically whilst acting tactically and executing painful decisions early whilst gaining widespread acceptance. This dilemma is common and requires careful management.

Many Change Programmes falter in transitioning from preparation to the implementation phase. Operationalising plans and getting momentum requires a different set of skills to the change planning and design phase. Not only are the skills required different, but there is also a need to introduce new practices, project governance structures, reporting MI and processes. All of these changes need to be quickly mobilised, supported by a comprehensive, stakeholder wide communications campaign.

Ennovate recognises the shift in style required and can help ensure that change programmes do not falter at this point. We offer an exciting way to quickly and decisively move a change programme from preparation to execution mode. It is called Change Mobilisation. It requires deploying a series of disciplines, and practices that require a light-touch intervention and using a series of management practices such as Commitment-based Management and a number of tools such as Heat Maps, Milestone Delivery Plans and Political Maps, see Ennovate Tools for further detail.

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