Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Successful change requires a certain type of leader adept at the strategic thinking and analysis needed to develop a new strategic landing place for an organisation. This is no easy task, nor are the skills required to bring an organisation through a change process. Ability in both areas is equally important.

Ennovate leadership coaching focuses on the latter, working with change leaders to support them through the change process. Because our practitioners have been though similar processes many times before, we bring first hand experience and understanding of the challenges leaders face in these situations.

We bring a disciplined and proven approach to change leadership, coaching, supporting and challenging the change leaders to take decisive and courageous actions. We are experts at understanding the organisational culture and its part in supporting or inhibiting the change effort. We are highly experienced at identifying blockages that may stall or put at risk the change agenda and provide expert advice to help leaders navigate these situations.

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