Project Delivery

Large organisations rely on technology to manage the delivery of many of their core services. CIO’s face a daunting challenge in continuously delivering new and innovative services whilst achieving an overall reduction in the cost of their delivery. As the global economy experiences rapid change, the parallel expectation of CIO’s is that they will deliver large and complex change and be flexible to the changing business environment and requirements, and do all of this within budgetary constraints.

Our IT Project Delivery team understand how to manage projects that deliver business value, manage scope and build a trusting relationship with their business and IT stakeholders. For instance, our team understand when it is appropriate to apply rigid control and when it is appropriate to be agile and respond to the changing needs of the business. For further information on where we have done this see our case study on delivering complex technology change. Our team apply equal measures of pragmatism with proven methods. For more information see Tools.

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