Project Office

Managing projects requires a healthy mix of disciplines and structures along with pragmatically managing the fluidity of certain situations. The Ennovate team utilises tools for tracking and monitoring programmes, see Tools and provide a project delivery service dashboard to ensure the Leadership team and sponsor have clarified the programme progress and any associated risks and risk reduction plans.

Working with the Ennovate Project Office team will provide real value to the sponsors and organisational leaders. We go beyond reporting and control and act as a programme nerve centre for assessing, diagnosing, designing interventions and managing the delivery of the programme objectives. Furthermore with our Project Office structures, we bring a strong focus on stakeholder management, communications and project accountability.

An effective Project Management Office (PMO), is an essential investment in all programmes. Our team focuses on ensuring projects are properly set up and, navigate the inevitable complexities associated with the majority of programmes.

  • Project Structures
  • Accountability and Ownership
  • Resourcing
Communication and Stakeholder Management
  • Vision
  • Communication Plans
  • Stakeholder Alignment Process & Practices
  • Goals and Objectives
Plans and Capability
  • Work Stream Plans
  • Milestone Plan
  • Capability Assessment Framework
  • Project Tracking and Reporting
Business Realisation
  • Value Statements
  • ROI Tracking

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