The Leadership Team


Cormac Murphy

Managing Partner

Cormac is a partner in Ennovate -- He says of himself:

I get the chance every day to work with our customers to help them deliver their vision for their business.  I am particularly committed to helping organisations create new structures that cause behaviour change to stick.  Having worked in change consulting for 20 years, I have seen many project examples where change is immediate, impactful, but unfortunately transient.  Using our 5 Practices of Transformation, I believe we have a better track record than most in designing and implementing operational systems that bring our customer’s strategic direction to life and that also have the supports in place to keep that changed operation working after we go.  Creating permanent change is harder than getting fast results – but for me, much more satisfying.


Norman Scott

Director And Project Management Practice Leader

Norman is an Executive Director of our Project Management Practice. Norman has over 20 years experience in the Programme and Project Management of strategic business change initiatives, and large-scale, complex IT systems implementations across the Insurance, Telecommunications and Utilities sectors.

He has overseen significant IT investment and brings a strong practical and commitment approach to leading IT Programmes.

Norman holds a MBA from UCD, a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from UCC and a Bachelor of Engineering from UCG.


Alison Rosewarne


Alison has deep experience in delivering team coaching and manager development to bring about sustainable change within sales organizations.  She specialises in improving performance by working with teams to identify and build upon effective behaviours, typically as identified in recorded calls.  Alison has been working with the Ennovate Learning Teams method for over 10 years and has made important contributions to the method, developing both our inbound sales lines approach and our approach to inside-sales portfolio development sales models.  Alison is particularly interested in the dynamics of sales team management and has strong skills in Everything DiSC salesperson psychometric tools and their application.

Alison has over 20 years experience in call centres, working in sales management and team development roles.  She worked for a large multinational IT company for 12 years, where she was instrumental in defining sales and training strategies in Ireland.  She worked to roll out training based on this across EMEA.

Alison holds a BA in Archaeology but quickly discovered that it is not a career that readily puts food on the table!

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