Success comes from everyone playing their role well.

We believe that there is huge waste in organisations hidden in the gaps between the roles your staff live out every day.  Many organisations define the roles their staff play too narrowly.  By listing the tasks their people should undertake, and the targets they should achieve, they limit the creativity of their team.  In the search for control they sacrifice performance.  We help you to effectively redefine your teams roles across your C/X function, from front-line staff member to team leader, to senior manager and even the Director of C/X strategy.  We provide you with the IT tools, the day-by-day, week-by-week and quarter-by-quarter practices, along with the hands-on coaching you need to be successful.

Our sweetspot is in working with a client who has between 30 and 300 customer experience professionals talking, emailing or chatting with your customers every day.  Your staff will be engaged in a variety of conversation types, and these conversations will be vital for the success and growth of your business.  Some of our clients have been technologically sophisticated and some have had little more than a bank of telephones, our approach will deliver significant value in both cases.

We can engage with you in a number of ways depending on your circumstance and change management capability.

1. Our preferred approach is to work with you to deliver a large step-change in customer service performance over 6 to 9 month period.  We will demonstrate success through an improvement in NPS of more than 25 points, a transaction cost reduction of greater than 15%, an improvement in positive outcomes in retention, debt recovery or sales conversations of more than 30%, or a combination of these factors.  Moreover, we will help you deliver these results through your current front-line managers coaching your existing staff using our tools, and according to our methods.

2. For some organisations with a developed training and change management function, you may prefer to implement change projects largely by yourselves.  Our mature GROW coaching toolkit allows us to remotely support you to build more much more effective frontline and team leader roles by developing your existing annual or quarterly role templates.  We will support you to build a 12 week programme to coach your staff to make and manage commitments to customers and develop their soft skills.  We will help you implement a 4-tier coaching model with 1:1 coaching, staff group coaching, coach-the-coach group coaching and a practice to align coaching with your survey or sales results.  We will leave you with our coaching tools embedded in your operation and your change team with the skills to continue rollout.  We can vary our involvement from full-project ownership to provision of tools and templates only depending on your needs.

3. We provide a 5-day service evaluation engagement.  This is a fixed cost engagement where we will look at your current service operation and provide you with a full evaluation of your current staff coaching capability and the business case for either 2 or 3 possible change projects (depending on what we agree).  During the evaluation we will look at the following.  Call listening and service evaluation, top 10 transaction cycle times, complaints and complaint drivers, your NPS scores and verbatims, the service functions primary interactions with other departments.  Your service departments development objectives.  We will present our final report to you in a 2 hour presentation and discussion.  Should you proceed to a larger project with us, the cost of the evaluation engagement will be discounted from the follow-on project.

4. We provide a 1-day "introduction to coaching" workshop.  This can be delivered remotely or on-site.  We can deliver this workshop to up to 30 of your first-line and senior managers.  This workshop can be a good way to understand Ennovates approach an methods more fully and some of our clients have chosen to run this workshop as an introduction, prior to a larger engagement.  You can expect your managers to go away with a fuller understanding of how to use commitments to help customers and how to use the GROW model as a basis for coaching their staff.

5. We provide a 3-day C/X strategy development workshop.  During this workshop we work with your senior team over 2 days to develop your C/X flywheel(c).  Your flywheel will contain the key elements of your C/X service that as a consequence of developing them, you will develop your whole business.  During the second day we will look at how you can implement your flywheel through projects, SLA refinement and role definitions.  We will help you set near-term and medium term targets for your C/X department. 

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