Introduction to our tools

We put "leaving capability behind" right there on our logo because it is so important, but also so difficult to consistently do.  The latest research (Robert Plomin "Blueprint" 2018) says that our behaviour and personality is 50% driven by our innate in-born capabilities, 45% driven by our surrounding and ever changing environment, and only 5% as a consequence of coaching, mentoring and training that sticks after the event.  Plomin's 35 year old research using first twin studies, and later state-of-the-art DNA research, is taking a while to be accepted by the coaching and educational community and given what he is saying, no wonder!  But for professional coaches who promise positive and persistent change, we must pay attention to the latest science or risk becoming irrelevant.

Initially therefore as a company promising change through coaching, this sounds like a bleak story and one that possibly suggests coaching is not a good investment. However, when we looked again, we saw something else.  Plomin's research suggests that the current environment matters a lot.  This makes intuituve sense.  In the pre-Covid era when we all sat in offices, our behaviour converged on a "culture".  People adapted to the local way of doing things and managers had some control over that culture.  Now however, and for the forseeable future, this is going to be much more difficult.  

It therefore becomes important to affect the local environment of your staff wherever they are working.  The discussion and commitments made as part of a coaching conversation need to be in your staff members eye-line and present for them all day, every day.  We need to not just provide coaching about the right thing to do, we need to change the surroundings of staff to support this change.

The primary tool that Ennovate uses is basd on the GROW coaching method. is a tool that helps first-line managers prepare targeted coaching conversations, based on a staff members needs & personal learning style, and then gives them a playbook for delivering that session.  What is great about is that the coaching session and the commitment to change is captured on paper (see the banner above) by the person being coached.  The session is well structured, but the conversation is not stifled by technology.  Using a photocopier or smartphone, the learner can then scan the page up to our servers for reporting, but they also will keep that page in front of them during the working day to remind them of their learning commitment.  We ask them to record that they have attempted their learning commitment by marking the page at the end of every working day.  

So the learner has a changed environment based on a strctured conversation with their coach, and the team-leader and their senior managers have full reporting of all coaching conversations, the attempts made and the success of each and every coaching experiment at team and company level.

We outline this, our most important tool under, but we also use some other tools where appropriate to record proxy NPS scores (where NPS volumes are low) and some tools to help better report on first-call-resolution where service efficiency is an important metric.

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