How to place Customer Experience at the centre of your strategy

This workshop is a two day event where senior management in C/X come together and discuss their mutual approachs to C/X and growth.  

During these 2 days you will:

1. Connect C/X to the overall needs & goals of the company (Energia AND PowerNI)

2. Provide an articulation of what the goals and benefits of C/X are in a way that is immediately usable by both sides of the business

3. Engages parties from across the C/X function in a constructive conversation about the future

4. Produces a document which describes the high level C/X strategy for the business.

Approach to Day 1

In order for this to be successful we need to make sure the goals of the session are aligned with what the senior participants for the day want. Everyone will have their own vision about where the value and differentiating elements of the company are, and, people will also have a view on where the weak areas of the company are in delivering that vision.

If we go straight into a workshop without surfacing those voices first, then the different perspectives will overtake the day and we are unlikely to progress. The best way to handle this is to do short 1 on 1 interviews with the prospective session attendees prior to the day and then produce a short report which summarises what people have said.

This will start the day with people agreeing and we can quickly highlight where we have differences and then park those until we complete the exercises, then coming back at the end of the day to resolve. In some ways this is just like a standard customer conversation – if the customers concerns are not acknowledged and be seen to be taken seriously early on, then the whole conversation falters.


Setup for Day 1

1. Ennovate will interview the attendees for the day one on one for 30 minutes each – a strict agenda and set of questions for the interviews will be agreed with the workshop commissioner before commencement

2. Ennovate will prepare a set of slides based on the interviews which while not explicitly naming the individuals with particular views, will be recognisable to all participants as containing their views and ambitions

3. We will run the workshop; This will be run as four 90 minute sessions in an off-site location. The sessions will be:

a. Session 1:
Why C/X matters – views from other companies
What you have all said about your C/X ambitions
Agreement on our objectives for today

b. Session 2:
Introduction to Brand Ideals (Core emotion your brand conveys)
Looking at other companies and identifying Energia’s brand Ideal
What does that Brand Ideal mean for your operations (incl C/X)

c. Session 3: Connecting C/X to your Strategy
Use “Where to play/How to win” method to describe your strategy
Introduction to the method
Some exercises to view what you do in the light of this approach
Defining YOUR strategy according to this approach

d. Session 4: Bringing it all together (day 1)
Reviewing our objectives from the morning
Building high-level plan for leveraging C/X to deliver your strategy
Identify 2 commitments that each participant leaves the room with


Day 2...

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