How to place Customer Experience at the centre of your strategy

We can deliver a standalone workshop to your C/X senior team. This workshop will deliver the basics of the tools needed to drive a change in C/X and we will provide you with the tools needed to progress with the results of the workshop.  We would propose to do this workshop with you before any other work.

We suggest the following agenda for the workshop

  1. Introduction to business case construction and the relationship between C/X metrics and your business objective – we will suggest a number of business models
  2. Deep dive on your chosen metric (CES?) and the use of proxy metrics to gather more detailed information on agent performance
  3. Understanding measurement and sampling – when is your conclusion from a sample valid and when is it questionable, reporting to management depending on sample sizes
  4. Reporting approaches – how to prepare an executive C/X report
  5. Mixing call evaluations with survey results – call levelling
  6. Starting a C/X project, what are the critical elements of success what are the danger signs
  7. Helping you construct a plan for your own C/X initiative

We would look to play a number of recorded calls from your current operation as part of the workshop and would come onto your site to select those calls for use in the workshop. 

2.  On day 1 prior to the workshop, Ennovate will prepare a set of slides based on 3 or 4 interviews from across your C/X area.  These interviews which while not explicitly naming the individuals with particular views, will be recognisable to all participants as containing their views and ambitions

3. We will run the workshop; This will be run as four 90 minute sessions in an off-site location.

This workshop takes 3 days effort and is a fixed cost of €4250 plus VAT

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