Supported a large BPO to move all coaching to remote in response to Covid

The Challenge

A large Irish BPO was using the method developed by Ennovate to support their staff in a large sales outsourcing contract.  As a result of the rapid impact of Covid 19, all staff needed to return to their home countries across the EU.  The company had never had remote working before.  The company needed to keep coaching their staff and grow throughout the pandemic.

The Results

  • Coaching continued remotely and across 5 countries within the EU
  • Senior managemnt visibility of the frequency and quality of coaching events improved
  • Management initiatives to bring new sales methods and coaching rolled out faster and weak points were easier to spot
  • Any issues showing up with the product or the sales conversation appeared up to 70% faster
  • Staff surveys although showing a dip at the beginning of the exodus, soon started to trend upward



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