Return-on-investment in under 12 months via C/X transformation

This is a transformation programme to deliver a step change in your teams service performance over 12 to 18 weeks.  You should expect to see RoI within 12 months of the completion of the programme.  As a consequence of going through this programme you can expect to see:

1. An significant uplift in NPS/CES; Reduction in cost per transaction; Increase sales, customer retention, debt recovery
2. Your team leaders will be fully competent coaches and each staff member will have a clear 12 week coaching plan to success
3. You will have full reporting of all coaching going on, its relation to success and any capability red-flags on staff
4. You will be making commitments to customers on at least double the number of calls/emails that you do today
5. Your true complaint level will drop (though you may have some suppressed complaints today)
6. Your front-line team will be making clearer and more effective requests to your admin and support functions.
7. Your senior managers will know how to refine your processes such that there your processes do not produce bad incentives.
8. Your C/X function will be more responsive to strategic initiatives and market changes.

Typical programme outline:

Week 0: Review of your current processes and detailed planning take place prior to the formal project launch.
Week 1: Team Leader and training team induction (up to 30 people); GROW coaching system setup.
Weeks 2,3,4:  Learning Teams commence -- group coaching for up to 12 teams (per Ennovate coach) -- additionally during this period your outcome metrics will be integrated into the project reporting and the first group coaching at the coach level will commence.
Weeks 5,6,7,8: Learning Teams continue & individual GROW coaching commences.  Every staff member will receive at least 3 and up to 5 coaching session with an Ennovate consultant during the programme.  Each team leader will prepare and run at least 15 GROW coaching session with their staff during the programme.
Weeks 9,10: Coaching continues, focus moves to look at your internal feedback systems and how they "reward" staff for particular behaviours -- check are there bad incentives in place and repair.
Weeks 11,12: Focus moves to your internal training an support teams as owners are found for the infrastructure implemented during the programme.  Full handover of the programme to team leaders and senior managers is completed.  A final capability report is produced.

Project completion plus 6 weeks:  We will return to see you 6 weeks after the completion of the programme to review your current results against benchmarks taken before the prgramme commenced.  Ennovate normally put some of their fee contingent on hitting promised benchmarks.

Ennovate have been running this programme for over 5 years and with multiple clients.  Currently (post-Covid 19) we are running a version of the programme where a significant proportion of the group and individual coaching is happening across Zoom (one client) and Microsoft Teams (other client).  Ennovates approach to coaching which uses the system to capture all coaching conversations in a reportable format, means that remote coaching is entirely effective.

References are available in: Insurance, Retail Banking, Utilities, Healthcare (remote nursing)


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