Improved NPS by 30 points for an SME support team

The Challenge

This large Irish telco identified an opportunity to uplift customer satisfaction where customers held multiple products . They proposed using their SME and SOHO service teams to build a service template that they could reuse in Consumer and Corporate propositions.

The Results

  • 30+ point Net Promoter Score uplift in the shown SME group over a 12 week period – 18 point uplift compared to control.
  • Call Evaluation tools revamped to align call scoring with ‘promise on every call’.
  • Introduced four new service promises, significantly reducing demand on other departments while improving service

What we did

Analysing: Introduced a Call Framework letting CSRs better compare their calls to each other, and make specific change

Learning: Using recent recorded calls we coached CSR’s in a peer groups to learn from each other 

Widening:  Using Call Libraries , we brought the voice of the customer to the support areas 

Formal Qualifications: as a certified FETAC provider, we certified all participants with a nationally recognised service qualification

Sustaining: Left Team Leads and trainers able to continue alone



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