; tool to support coaching by front-line managers

Ennovate have made significant investment in building tools to support front-line staff learning.  Our most extensive toolset is our coaching support tool, which has been designed to support team-leaders deliver effective and personal coaching sessions, yet also let senior managers track and manage the coaching process.

Key aspects of the tool:

1.  Built fully in Azure and all storage within EU and UK data clusters
2.  GDPR compliant, certification pending
3.  Headless staff operation -- System is experienced entirely via the printed GROW page and user only writes and scans
4.  Headless team-leader operation -- Full interation with reporting via email and machine recognition of natural language requests
5.  Full secure access to administrators and IT staff for detailed reporting and data downloads

Based solely on the scanning of the GROW sheets prepared by the learners, the following reports are available:

1.  Access to any of the active or completed experiments by any learner in the system (according to security access)
2.  Access to historical reporting of all experiments carried out by any learner
3.  Reporting on any teams current active experiments
4.  Summary reporting on all coaching carried out during last 12 weeks, coaching topics and coaching success at company level
5.  RAG reporting on agent development and current coaching requirements (company level)
6.  Access to blank GROW sheets for any user (according to security access)
7.  Access to an on-line form for capture and submission of GROW sheets where home scanning not feasible

Test access to the GROW system for up to 10 learners for a 4 week trial is available for FREE.



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