Ennovate offers four core services:

Change Management

Implementing change is not a mystical art form that only belongs to executives, change leaders, and people with good emotional intelligence. Successful change management is a systematised process that connects the organisation’s need to change with their employee’s individual ambitions. Change management programmes operate in three very distinctive stages, preparing for the change, managing the change and reinforcing the change. Most large consulting organisations are adept in the preparation stage and are happy to execute change at a programme management level. Getting close to individuals, developing assessment frameworks and coaching individuals through the change process is usually outside their scope.

Our Change Management service focuses on helping leaders build new capability by working alongside their teams to coach and mentor them through the change process.  We have developed our proprietary Ennovate’s Change Management System that bring together a structured framework, a change process and coaching methodologies which we deliver to our clients.

We help companies to articulate and communicate their vision and goals so that they connect with their staff. Successfully leading and managing change touches all levels of an organisation, capturing the hearts and minds of all employees. Our systemised hands-on approach will help you with the challenge of implementing decisively, achieve your change objective, and get the necessary commitment from your employees.

    We provide experienced change practitioners to lead, coach, and facilitate the change.
    Within Change Management we offer five client solutions:
  • Mobilisation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Change Audit & Assurance
  • Change Project Office
  • Change Project Delivery

IT Project Implementation

Ennovate’s IT Project Implementation service provides our clients with solutions to ensure projects deliver the promised business value. Staying true to this objective requires equal measures of pragmatism, agility and rigorous discipline. At Ennovate we realise that no two projects are the same. The complexity and challenges differ depending on the organisational, technical and business environment.

The Ennovate team are experienced practitioners in managing competing priorities, understand the risks associated with changing business needs and are skilled at navigating through project existing scope with agile and take into account the changes in the business environment. In doing so, our team delivers projects that stay true to the objective of realising real value for our clients.

    Within IT Project Implementation we offer three client solutions:
  • IT Project Delivery
  • IT Project Office
  • Project Audit & Assurance

Service Operation

Service Operation focuses on two areas of management thought; innovation and customer experiences. Innovation re-thinks how we create value and generate growth in mature markets. It is a process for creating new ideas, prioritising and weeding out the weakest, and implementing the best for the purpose of creating commercial value. Customer experience is the experience your customers have when they interact with your company.

Creating positive customer experiences gives companies the opportunity to charge a premium for their products and services. Customers who become committed followers of your brand and company spend more, stay longer, and speak positively about you to their friends. They will provide feedback on your products and services, giving you information that can help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Ennovate creates value by getting your employees to see the world from the customer’s viewpoint. We provide you with research into your customer buying behaviours, determining the value that they create. We design and refine processes and structures that satisfy unknown customer experience needs. We also implement these changes in a way that ensures that such innovations are repeatable. Finally we develop new innovation practices that embed an innovation culture into your organisation.

    Within Service Operation we offer four client solutions:
  • Net Promoter Score Programme Implementations
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Economics
  • Customer-Centred Innovation Mobilisation

Strategy and Leadership Services

Today, companies are facing tough market and economic conditions. Existing competitors fight for an ever-smaller slice of the pie whilst emerging entrants deliver disruptive new innovations into the business landscape.
For a whole host of reasons, today’s business may not be suited to tomorrow’s needs. It is time to reflect and consider fundamental change to transform the organisation.
According to a recent report by McKinsey, two-thirds of transformations fail. This is an important, and sobering, consideration and any company recognising the need for radical change needs to prepare very thoroughly before commissioning and embarking on a transformation programme. Our strategy service will ensure your strategy implementation is part of the third of companies that are successful in implementing transformational change.

We focus on helping senior executives and leaders refine their strategy, staying true to their vision and with them to build a new practices and processes that engage their people in the strategy delivery. 

    Within Strategy and Leadership we offer;
  • Evaluation Service
  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Service

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