How to place Customer Experience at the centre of your strategy

Today, companies are facing tough markets and economic conditions. Existing competitors fight for an ever-smaller slice of the pie whilst emerging entrants deliver disruptive new innovations into the business landscape.

For a whole host of reasons, today’s business may not be suited to tomorrow’s needs. It is time to reflect and consider fundamental change to transform the organisation.

Ennovate have the tools to help you uncover your customers needs and to put them front and centre in your growth strategy.  We run 1 day and 2 day workshops for up to 35 participants from our client organisations.  While we can prepare a workshop to meet your specific needs, we currently offer workshops to achieve the following objectives

  • Connect your customer feedback and verbatims to an actionable business change strategy
    (may require up to 3 days data gathering beforehand)

  • Align your management team around the senior teams new goals and objectives
    (uses cloud-based simulation roleplays)

  • Understanding commitments and taking personal responsibility -- where your management team are not delivering

  • Building board-level metrics to track your customers experience

Ennovate partner with some other organisations to deliver these workshops.  We use simulation software from and we work with the team from when personal executive coaching is required.


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