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Today, companies are facing tough market and economic conditions. Existing competitors fight for an ever-smaller slice of the pie whilst emerging entrants deliver disruptive new innovations into the business landscape.

For a whole host of reasons, today’s business may not be suited to tomorrow’s needs. It is time to reflect and consider fundamental change to transform the organisation.

Ennovate has teamed up with P H I Associates to offer a new strategy evaluation service aimed at helping CEO’s and their leadership teams prepare for transformation. The service allows for a pause for deep thought before embarking on a radical change in strategic direction. After all, it is very important to know exactly what you are going to get from such major investment of time, energy and resources.

According to a recent report by McKinsey, two-thirds of transformations fail. This is an important, and sobering, consideration and any company recognising the need for radical change needs to prepare very thoroughly before commissioning and embarking on a transformation programme.

    The benefits of the Ennovate Strategy Evaluation Service are:
  1. A sanity-check on the transformation decision, facilitated by world-class strategy and transformation expertise.
  2. De-risking implementation failure and providing assurance regarding the long-term strategic alignment of resources, capabilities and aspirations.
  3. Improved quality of planning cohesion to build confidence that the overall plan has clear and achievable objectives.
  4. Comprehensive commitment to the entire transformation , viz:
    • Leadership in mutual agreement and united in support
    • Awareness and acceptance of the current state
    • Ambition and commitment to future state
    • The fit and inter relationship between the roadmap, implementation and management plans.
    • Solid belief that the outcome will generate commercial success and create increased value

Ennovate will work with you from a top-down perspective over a six-week timeframe to ensure the conditions are in place to succeed. Before you take the decision to implement a change in strategic direction we will help create;

  • A profile of the post change business – a blueprint for the future
  • A comprehensive appreciation of the current state and how you got there
  • Short term improvements identified during the evaluation
  • Assurance that your strategy and capability are properly aligned
  • Clear priorities and steps for moving from current state to the desired future state.

Benefits accrue as opportunities for improvement are identified and can be acted upon, but the purpose is to define a robust programme that will firmly place the transformation investment into the third that succeed.

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