Action Tracker

This tool is used to drive clear accountability and assign individual action owners. It introduces the notion of a single customer for each action. Each action in an Action Tracker is time-bound and has a clear set of outcomes required. These are known as ‘conditions for success’. The Action Tracker also introduces the notion of negotiation, allowing a programme to reflect emerging and unforeseen changes that have arisen. The tool facilitates a realtime conversation between the action holder and its customer. The practice when followed through in meetings, creates transparency and accountability. The Action Tracker is also an effective tool for requesting and measuring commitments from the wider stakeholder community.

Tool Description Delivered Benefits (sample)
Action Tracker A highly effective tool for measuring actions both within the programme team and those undertaken by partnering programme teams
  • Provides a structure for driving actions
  • Create complete transparency
  • Provides clear accountability
  • Easy to use for deploying into the wider programme teams

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