Commitment Based PM

Commitment-based Management (CbM), is commonly in use as one of the world’s best management practices for strategy execution. Dr Fernando Flores created it in the 1980’s as a result of PhD research in conjunction with Werner Erhard. Commitment-based Project Management (CbPM) provides a powerful methodology for driving action and successfully managing large complex change programmes. It uses simple language and a framework for designing and managing individuals through a dialogue that results in clear and unambiguous change actions.

This powerful set of management practices are used by Ennovate Change Managers in the advice and coaching we provide to our clients. We have experience in successfully implementing CbPM methodology and our clients can testify to its effectiveness in driving change programme outcomes.

Tool / Methodology Description Delivered Benefits (sample)
Commitment-based Project Management (CbPM) Used by some of the world’s highest performing organisations, CbM brings razor sharp accountability into organisations. It is a powerful method for driving action and obtaining clear accountability.
  • Razor sharp project accountability with single point action owners
  • Programme level accountability
  • Cross functional level accountability
  • Effective programme risk assessment

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