Service Operation

Q. Are you worried about delivering profitability in today’s highly competitive market?

Q. Where can you go for help?

Business's today, more than ever before, place the attainment of organic revenue growth along with their need to reduce costs at the top of the list of priorities. Service Operation helps organisations gain an understanding of who are your valuable customers, what they think about your products and services and how you redesign your organisation to become agile and responsive to their changing needs.

Service Operation is Ennovate’s very different approach to increasing bottom line growth by dramatically increasing customer numbers, spend and commitment. It results in customers who stay longer, buy more, make positive referrals and increases customer feedback. At the heart of Customer Centred Innovations are four individual service offers;

We use a number of proven methods in our Service Operation Practice that brings customer insight, analytics to understand the value of your most important customers and cross-functional change programmes that leverage these insights, drive the actions and result in customer-centred innovations that create new sources of value for your organisation. Specifically, we deploy the Net Promoter Score discipline with the Ennovate Tools set.

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