The ADKAR Model was developed by Prosci Research as a framework to understand where individuals are on the change journey. When viewed in aggregate, it provides insights into the actions required to move the change programme forward.

ADKAR is an acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. To transition to new ways of working requires individuals to undergo change by going through an ADKAR sequence. To get commitment it is necessary to go through each stage. This framework provides insights on corrective strategies to overcome blockages to change and pinpoint the action required.

Tool Description Delivered Benefits (sample)
ADKAR Model Based on best practice PROSCI Research (world-class certified Change Trainers) this model is used to assess individual change performance which aggregated leads to successful change
  • Clarity on where individuals and functions are on the change journey (Awareness through to Reinforcement)
  • Drives effective communications strategy from assessments made
  • Identifies weaknesses in the Change Programme delivery

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