Employee Mobilisation Model

Within any change programme, one of the most challenging aspects of change is creating the conditions for success at an individual level. The ‘what’s in it for me’ question requires careful consideration and is one that is often not addressed early nor sufficiently in managing change.

Commitment-based Management methodology addresses this concern and has developed a strong response for getting commitment and driving desire for change. Creating desire requires an understanding of the three capitals as follows:

  • Financial Capital | make available more money either today or into the future
  • Pragmatic Capital | make the work more interesting
  • Symbolic Capital | create incentives to improve the identity of the individual as a reward for their participation.


Tool Description Delivered Benefits (sample)
Creating Desire The Commitment-based Management (CbM) Three Capitals assess and help design a strategy to obtain individual commitment to the change programme, these capitals are; pragmatic (is the new job interesting), financial (does it offer more money now or in the future), and symbolic (will my identity be enhanced if I commit)
  • Identifies key insights into designing motivational wins for individuals within goals of the programme
  • Identifies whose careers can be aligned and others who will remain resistant
  • Key motivational tool used to get commitment to change

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