Change Management Approach

Ennovates Change Management approach was designed in-house and builds upon the foundations of John Kotter’s ‘systematic eight step approach’ and the application of Prosci Research into best practice Change Management. Ennovate refined and tailored the approach to reflect their in-the-field experience.

Our approach defines the change as three distinctive phases; preparing for the change, managing the change and sustaining the change.  The activities undertaken at each phase and the skills and competencies required to support these activities differ.  Recognising the need to rebalance the team and bring in new skills coupled with the constant need to move resources in and out of a change programme requires careful management.  We provide below the framework approach outlining the phasing and key activities groupings.

A summary of the deliverables for each stage and step of the Ennovate Change Management Approach is outlined below:

Stage Step Step Name Inventory of Outcomes Required
Preparing for Change 1 Vision
  • Agreed organisational level vision
  • Agreed programme goals linked to vision
  • Agreed KPI’s linking to goals
  2 Listen
  • Formal Organisational mood assessment completed
  • Stakeholder Map exercise completed
  • Key change resistor’s identified and change advocators identified
  3 Plan
  • Milestone plan completed
  • Programe Stategic map completed
  • Programme Governance Structures in place
  • End-state organisational design framework agreed
  • Component / functional level plans in place
  • Scope of change agreed
  • Communication strategy in place
  4 Communicate
  • Business Champions in place
  • Training and coaching for communications in place
  • Communication channels ready
  • Feedback mechanisms in place
Managing Change 5 Impliment painful decisions first
  • Programme goals known to all impacted employees and functions
  • Iniital conversations between line-managers and employees impacted completed
  • Programme Communications Plan and feedback mechanisms mobilised
  • Completed change in the high impacted areas
  6 Implement redesigned roles, structures and process
  • Completed ‘as is’ assessments on roles, structures and processes
  • Designed and implemented new organisational structures
  • Designed and implemented new roles
  • Designed and implemented new process
  7 Communicate, communicate & communicate
  • Effective Stakeholder Management in place
  • Formal communication tools with regular updates in place
  • Informal network for communications in place and effective
  • Effective feedback mechanisms in place
Sustaining Change 8 Coaching, listening and new management
  • Line management bought-in to process
  • Line management coaching programmes in place
  • Stakeholders living the new vision
  • Stakeholders delivering upon goals agreed
  • Staff acceptance that change has happened
  • Transparency on actions and outcomes for all impacted areas
  • Accountability and outcomes begin to normalise
  9 Measure and manage
  • New reporting structures in place
  • New KPI’s in place
  • Tracking in place throughout the programme
  • Scorecard system in place for continuous assessment

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