The Five Practices of Transformation – Building New Capability

Delivering a successful transformational change in an organisation is challenging and hard. Ennovate has developed a management system for implementing transformational change called the 5 practices of transformation. The aim of these practices is to define the goals of the change simply and clearly and then to equip leaders, their teams and their employees to engage effectively in the change process. Ultimately delivering new organisation capability.


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  • Poster for the change journey
  • Simplify the change
  • Clear view on the outcomes and the journey
  • Map out key activities and commitments
  • Refine strategy
Coaching and Mentoring
  • Become better listeners
  • Individuals owning the change process
  • Coach individuals to help them deliver the change for themselves
  • Align change goals with your individual values
  • Build coaching skills
Action Practices
  • Clear accountability, sharp requests & actions
  • Commitment management disciplines
  • New management practices
Learning Practices
  • Building trust & participation
  • Learn from each other
  • Contribute to the new strategy
  • Develop leaders new skills
  • Value knowledge and skills from your people
Tracking and Measurement
  • Simple and clear measures
  • Forward looking & behavioural focused measures
  • Mix of qualitative and quantitative measures

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